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Easy Loan Terms

24HourLoanz as a legit direct lender, we offer most convenient quick and affordable online loans that borrowers can repay in installments. You can apply loans from $100 to $50,000 depends on the eligibility criteria. If you are, a first time borrower and looking for a fast loan you can easily qualify for a faxless loan of $100 to maximum $1,000.

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Repayments: How are Loans Paid Back?

When it comes to repaying of the loan like payday loans, installment loans are a bit different. Onetime payment loans like payday loans that are fixed to paid back in lumpsum and are due on your next pay date. However, an installment loan comes with flexibility repayments as it can be paid back in schedule payments like 12 biweekly and should not exceed 180 days. You may cancel your loan within 3 days of signing your loan agreements by sending an e-mail to support@24HourLoanz.com

How to Calculate an Installment Loan Payments?

You can easily calculate the short-term loan fees and annual percentage rates (APR). At 24HourLoanz the fee amount depends on the schedule you signed to repay. If you pay sooner, your fee will be adjusted accordingly to your shortened payment schedule.

The complete disclosures of the loan APR, fees, and repayment terms & conditions are provided within the loan agreement “truth-in-lending disclosures”

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